Site Launch and Status

I guess this makes it official. We now have a website to go along the activity we've been up to since the company launch.

Game Development Status:
We have about a half dozen games in mind, but the titles we can share at launch are General Meow! and Fisherman's Chess.

General Meow!
We are pleased to announce that we have an artist for General Meow! Currently the game art is being produced by DragonCrest Studios, so stay tuned for some sneak peeks. These Socialist and Communist felines are turning out purrfectly.

Fisherman's Chess
Second game out of the pipeline is Fisherman's Chess which is still going through playtest. This expansion to chess is based on a set of ideas that came about while reading the 'The Wheel of Time' and watching 'No Game, No Life'. We are excited to bear a new mechanic to this classic game that will cause new strategies to arise without being disruptive to the core play of chess.